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Customer Assistance Programs (CAPs) help make monthly payments more manageable for utility customers. The guidelines of CAPs vary from utility company to utility company, but the goals are the same: to help you keep up with your bills.

Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

  • Your payment is based on your income and household size, not usage.
  • Pay on time, in full and a portion of your back balance may be forgiven!
  • Income Guidelines: Customers who are eligible for CAP will have gross (before tax) income at or below 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

Am I eligible?

To participate in a CAP, your income must be at or below 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Guideline. Click here to use our Income Calculator. 

How much will I pay each month?

CAP calculates your payments based on your income and household size, not your utility usage. Your utility company covers the difference between your CAP payment and your actual usage.

I owe the company a lot of money? Will I ever catch up?

If you make your full payment on-time every month, the utility company may forgive a portion of your back balance. So it is in your best interest to manage your money well and make the full payment on time each month. If you think you are eligible for CAP, please see below to find out how to apply.

How to Apply

Step 1

Contact your utility company. Below is a list of numbers. Your utility company will screen you for eligibility and then refer you to an agency to complete your application or they will complete your application over the phone.

Utility Company Referral Number
Columbia Gas 1-800-537-7431
Duquesne Light 1-888-393-7600
Equitable Gas (PA & WV) 1-877-577-8735
Met-Ed, a FirstEnergy Company 1-800-962-4848
NFG – National Fuel Gas Company 1-800-365-3234
PECO 1-800-774-7040
Penelec, a FirstEnergy Company 1-800-962-4848
Penn Power, a FirstEnergy Company 1-800-720-3600
Peoples Natural Gas 1-800-400-9276
Peoples TWP 1-866-276-4055
PG Energy 1-800-490-8605
PGW – Philadelphia Gas Works 1-215-235-1000
PPL Gas 1-800-652-0550
UGI Electric 1-800-340-5394
UGI Gas 1-800-340-5394
Valley Energy (CT Enterprise) 1-570-265-6415
West Penn Power, a FirstEnergy Company 1-800-207-1250

Step 2

Submit all required information.

Step 3

Continue to pay your bill in full until your CAP payment appears. This can take 2-3 billing periods.

Step 4

Pay your CAP payment on-time and in-full each month. Missed or incomplete payments can lead to dismissal from the program.