Allegheny County COVID-19 Utility Assistance Program

New funds have been allocated to provide utility assistance grants to customers residing in Allegheny County who are struggling to afford their bills as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers may be eligible to receive funds that are applied directly to their utility bill. Program guidelines and eligibility requirements are subject to change.


Allegheny County COVID-19 Utility Assistance Program

Program Deadline and Eligibility

Eligible customers must apply for funds and submit supporting documentation by June 30, 2022, or until program funds run out. Grants are dispersed on a first come, first serve basis to eligible applicants while funding is available.

Eligible customers must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Applicant is a resident of Allegheny County, not living in:
    • City of Pittsburgh
    • City of McKeesport
    • Municipality of Penn Hills
    • Borough of McDonald
    • Borough of Trafford
  • Applicant is listed as a customer of a participating utility company;
  • Household finances were negatively impacted by COVID-19;
  • Applicant, or a member of the applicant’s household, is a citizen or qualified alien of the United States of America; and
  • Total gross household income must be at or below 80% of the Allegheny County Average Median Income.

Allegheny County Average Median Income for 2021

80 Percent of Estimated State Median Income
 Family Size Monthly Income Eligibility
1 $3,958
2 $4,525
3 $5,092
4 $5,654
5 $6,108
6 $6,563
7 $7,013
8 $7,467

Additional Guidelines

Funding will be used to pay past due utility balances from April 1, 2020 forward and can not be used to pay amounts already paid for by the customer, or by any other federal, state, or local assistance.

Account must be residential, single home or apartment. No “cooking only,” commercial, industrial, or apartments with shared utility service.

Name on application must match the name (or one of the names) listed on the utility bill and must be that of an adult who is currently living in the home.

Required Documents to Apply

  • Completed COVID-19 Impact Statement (form will be provided during application process)
  • Copy of current utility bill for account number verification
  • Supporting documentation for verification of household income at or below 80% of Allegheny County Average Median Income

How to Apply

Eligible customers can apply online through Dollar Energy Fund’s MyApp portal.

Participating Utilities

Customers of the following utility companies may be eligible to apply for the Allegheny County COVID Utility Assistance Program:

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania

Duquesne Light Company

Pennsylvania American Water

Penn Power

Peoples Natural Gas

West Penn Power

Not Eligible?

If you are not eligible for the Allegheny County COVID Utility Assistance Program, please visit our Need Help page to view other assistance options in Pennsylvania.

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