Get Involved

    Please contact me with more information.

    Please sign me up to volunteer in the call center during the Warmathon to take pledges over the phone.

    Do you have an idea for a fundraiser that you and your friends can create? Put a team together, or have your existing group collect donations and donate in your group’s name during the Warmathon.

    Item Donation

    (Examples: sporting /concert / event tickets, autographed merchandise, samples of items sold by donor, services – house cleaning, oil changes, etc). Everyone who donates during a certain time will be qualified to receive ________ from xyz company.

    Incentive Donation

    (Example: The next 10 callers to make a $100 pledge will get a free oil change at my business... it really makes the phones ring!)

    In Kind Donation

    (Sponsor a Warmathon need: printing, entertainment, tee shirts, signage, refreshments etc.)