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Dollar Energy Fund specializes in the administration of low-income utility assistance programs, creates customized software technology and offers a variety of customer service call center resources. Our programs utilize innovative techniques to provide our clients with quality solutions to serve their customer base.

Our Products and Services

Hardship Program Administration

Dollar Energy Fund has decades of experience in bridging the gap between the customer’s ability to pay and the utility company’s need to keep cash flowing in. As one of the largest hardship funds in the nation, Dollar Energy Fund has the resources and experience to deliver the results your utility desires through our low-income customer assistance program administration services.

Customer Assistance Program Administration

Managing a CAP requires time and specialized training that can strain your customer service, collections and billing staff. Dollar Energy Fund is perfectly equipped to manage your CAP with the right combination of human resources and technology.


From program design to evaluation, Dollar Energy can help you manage all aspects of your home weatherization program. We provide services such as recruitment and training of agency contractors, home energy audits, project tracking software, program reporting, education program design, and other services that ensures your utility gets the results you desire.

Customized Program Management Software

Nearly four decades of experience in the low-income utility assistance arena has fueled our creation of software solutions for program administration. Our cutting-edge software will not tax your internal Information Technology staff. Our services range from licensed software packages for efficient administration of hardship funds, utility assistance and weatherization programs, to custom software designed to meet all of your needs, with upgrades and maintenance managed by our team.

Call Center Services

If your organization needs to make meaningful contact with its customers, members or prospects, put our expertise to work for you. Dollar Energy Fund can manage your next outreach project through our call center, which is staffed with professional, trained customer service representatives. We can customize a calling program to meet your needs, thoroughly train our teams of communication specialists to reach your target audience, and get the results you need while informing, gathering or verifying information, enrolling or processing applications. Our programs are affordable and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Consumer Education

Dollar Energy Fund has experience in consumer education and has educated more than one million utility consumers. Let our experience, unique education models and interactive presentations strengthen your message and bring success to your next campaign.

Payment Counseling

Dollar Energy goes beyond collections and offers payment counseling and case management services that provide an effective bridge between customer service and collections. Years of serving clients in need have made us experts in effectively communicating with people in unfortunate circumstances.

Water Assistance Program

Dollar Energy Fund is an expert in water affordability programs. Since 1991, we have been in the forefront of low-income water assistance program creation. Our Water Assistance Programs can be built to fit your needs with elements that are of the greatest benefit to your company and your customers.

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Helping Us Help Others

By choosing Dollar Energy to support your organization’s customer management activities, you are helping to sustain an organization that is committed to making a difference in the lives of those in need.

36,197 Grants Provided During Our 2021-2022 Program Year