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Find answers to your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Dollar Energy Fund’s programs, donations, and other services.

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    How do I apply?

    Step 1 – Contact your utility company. They will screen you for eligibility and refer you to a Community Based Organization (CBO) in your area that will assist you with the application process. Your utility company will also be able to tell you about other programs that may be available to help you.

    Step 2 – Make an appointment with the CBO to which you were referred. Hours vary for each organization. Use our Agency Finder to identify additional agencies in your area.

    Step 3 – Bring all necessary information to your appointment at the CBO. You will need:

    • Names of everyone in your household
    • Birthdates of everyone in your household
    • Proof of income of everyone in your household
    • A copy of your most recent utility bill
    • Your utility account number
    • Proof of all payments made in the last three months

    Step 4 – Complete the application with the CBO intake worker. Once the application is complete, the CBO will submit the application to Dollar Energy Fund. After submission, applications are usually processed within two business days.

    Step 5 – If you are awarded a grant, the money will be applied directly to your utility account within four to six weeks. If the grant was not approved, you will receive written notification by mail or email the day after your application is processed.

    Step 6 – Continue to make regular utility payments. A Dollar Energy Fund grant is not a substitute for your regular monthly payment.

    Can I apply online?

    Customers of the following utility companies may be able to complete portions of their application online through our MyApp portal. Program guidelines and eligibility requirements are subject to change.

    • AEP Ohio
    • Aqua
    • Columbia Gas
    • Illinois American Water
    • Lehigh County Authority
    • Met-Ed
    • National Fuel Gas
    • Omaha Public Power District
    • Pacific Gas and Electric
    • Penelec
    • Pennsylvania American Water
    • Peoples
    • Penn Power
    • West Penn Power
    How can I check the status of my application or verify that my documents have been received?

    You can view the status of your application at any time through our MyStatus portal. You will need to enter your utility account number.

    Where can I find a community-based agency near me?

    Please use our agency finder to view agency locations in your area. You can schedule an appointment with the agency that is most convenient for you.

    What types of documentation are acceptable for proof of income?

    Some common types of documentation are pay stubs from the last 30 days, current year Social Security award letters, unemployment award letters and child support court orders. Dollar Energy Fund can typically accept screenshots taken with your cellular phone.

    How do I submit my documentation?

    There are three ways to submit documents. The most efficient way is to upload using our customer portal ( You can email the documents to the program-specific email address found in your Next Steps email that you received at the time that you applied. Finally, you can fax your documents by printing a personalized fax cover sheet through a link in your Next Steps email.

    Why was I denied?

    There are a number of reasons why an application is denied. Follow the link in the email or text message notification you received for more information. You can also view the status of your application at any time through our MyStatus portal. You will need to enter your utility account number.

    What are my options if Dollar Energy Fund doesn’t partner with my utility company?

    We always recommend that you contact your utility company directly to see what programs and assistance they have available for their customers. You can also reach out to your local United Way, county assistance office or other community-based assistance agencies for additional resources.


    Will my donation be matched?

    Currently, all donations with the exception of those earmarked for our utility partners in Nebraska and our partnership with AlexRenew will automatically be matched dollar for dollar.

    How do I know my donation is helping households local to me?

    Dollar Energy Fund uses a donor’s zip code to earmark a donation to the closest available hardship fund. If we don’t have a program operating in your zip code, we will assign it to the closest utility company or divide it equally among the pool of donations available for customers of our utility partners in your state.

    Anytime you contribute through your utility bill or through a utility-sponsored campaign, that donation will benefit limited-income customers of that utility.

    If there is a specific program or state where you’d prefer your donation be used, or if you have any questions about your donation’s use, please contact us at

    Can I make a donation to directly benefit a customer of my choice?

    Unfortunately, not at this time. If you are looking to help a specific customer who is in need, we recommend working with them to make a payment directly to their account.

    Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Dollar Energy Fund is a 501(c)3 organization and donations are fully tax deductible if no goods or services are received in exchange for your contribution. Please consult a tax professional for additional information.

    I can’t find the acknowledgement letter for my contribution. How can I get another copy?

    We’d be happy to help you with this. Please contact us at

    I give through my utility bill. How do I receive an acknowledgement for my income tax return?

    If your total annual donation is $250 or more, we can provide you with a written acknowledgment for your contributions. Please contact us at with your utility company name, bill payer name and donation amount and we will process an acknowledgement letter for you.

    Please understand that, due to privacy policies, our utility partners do not provide customer information without consent, so we may need you to reach out to your utility company prior to them verifying your donation amount.

    My company offers corporate matching for my charitable donations. Can someone on your staff help me complete my forms?

    This is a great way to maximize your donation since your donation and the matching contribution from your employer may be eligible for a dollar-for-dollar match. We would be happy to work with you to verify donations for corporate matching and assist with the necessary forms. Please contact us at and let us know how we can help.

    How do I make changes to or stop my recurring donation?

    If you donate through your utility bill, you will need to contact your utility company directly to make changes to your donation. If you signed up to make a recurring donation through our website, we can assist you by contacting us at

    Can I make a donation in memory of someone or to honor an individual or group?

    Yes. Please contact us at and we will help you with your request. We can provide a special acknowledgement card to the recipient of your choice.

    I donated during a Dollar Energy Fund event and was eligible for a donation incentive. When will I receive my incentive item(s)?

    Your incentive will be given to you after your donation has fully processed and as soon as the item is available. Depending on the event, items may be mailed directly from our event partner (KDKA-AM, iHeart, etc), the incentive provider or from Dollar Energy Fund’s offices. We kindly request three to four weeks following an event to complete this process.

    Business Services

    What types of income eligible programs does Dollar Energy Fund administer?

    Dollar Energy Fund administers all types of utility programs, including:

    • Customer assistance programs
    • Hardship; One-time grant programs
    • Arrearage forgiveness
    • Lead line replacement
    • Weatherization
    • Pilot programs
    Does Dollar Energy Fund administer LIHEAP or LIWAP?

    No, we do not administer government funded programs. However, we have a network of almost 500 community-based organizations in our utility service territories that take applications for LIHEAP and LIWAP.

    Does Dollar Energy Fund provide funding for limited-income programs?

    Our utility partners provide the initial funding for programs, but as a non-profit organization, Dollar Energy Fund will assist in fundraising efforts.

    How much money would our utility need to start a program?

    Dollar Energy Fund partners with utilities that provide $20,000 a year and with utility companies that provide millions of dollars per year and many ranges in between. Each partner is unique and no program or utility is the exact same.

    How can I get more information on your software services or learn about becoming a partner?

    To learn more about our organization, software products and services, and partnership opportunities, please send an email to and include your name, job title, utility company and contact information.

    Additional Questions?

    Still have a question about Dollar Energy Fund? Please let us know how we can help you.