2022-2023 Program Opening Day Brings Support To Limited-Income Utility Customers

October 3rd, 2022

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Dollar Energy Fund’s 2022-2023 Hardship Program opens today and is now accepting applications from limited-income customers who need assistance with their gas, electric, water and wastewater utility bills.  The program provides grants to households facing an immediate utility crisis and funding is applied directly to their utility account to prevent a termination or to restore their service.

Those seeking help should first contact their utility company for an eligibility screening and a referral to one of the Dollar Energy Fund’s Community-Based Organization partners to complete an application for the program. This approach connects households with additional services provided by a local nonprofit agency that may also be available to limited-income households, such as food, childcare and career assistance.  A contact-less application option may be available upon request.

Eligibility is largely based on an applicant’s total household income and the amount varies by utility. In addition to meeting income guidelines, households may have needed to make a sincere effort of payment on their utility bill in the last three months and have a balance on their account. Households must first apply for available federal and state assistance if they are income eligible. Specific requirements, account balances and sincere payment amounts vary by utility company and guidelines are subject to change.  Some utility companies require a customer’s service to be off or in threat of termination to receive assistance.

Full eligibility guidelines and application instructions can be found at

Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis through September 30, 2023, or until funds are depleted.

Last year, the Pittsburgh-based nonprofit helped 36,197 limited-income households across the country meet their basic utility needs through distributing  hardship grants. The organization currently operates Pennsylvania’s largest hardship fund and is a national leader in utility assistance.  Since 1983, Dollar Energy Fund’s hardship grants have helped more than 794,500 families across its 14-state service territory maintain or restore safe utility services.

Dollar Energy Fund is funded by public contributions that are matched dollar for dollar by partnering utility companies.  Utility customers are also able to contribute a dollar or more to Dollar Energy Fund through their monthly utility bill.  Direct donations can be made online at or by sending a check to Box 42329, Pittsburgh, PA 15203.  Every donation to Dollar Energy Fund’s Hardship Program is tax deductible and all funds collected from Pennsylvania donors are used to assist limited-income families residing in the Commonwealth.

Additional support from the utility companies allows for 100 percent of all donations and matching funds to be used as assistance grants to help households in need.

For more information about Dollar Energy Fund and how to apply for a grant from the Hardship Program, or to make a donation to the organization, visit

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