Utility disconnections can affect academic performance

August 3rd, 2017


At the end of this month, school will be back in session and many students will be upset to see their summer break end. For others, they are relieved to be back in the classroom. Some students can only enjoy basic utility services, such as air conditioning, heat, electricity and water, when they are in school. Unfortunately, students living in low-income households often deal with obstacles at home that can affect their academic performance.

Studies have shown that a financial hardship directly affects academic achievement due to the lack of resources and chronic stress. Over half of the children in low-income families experience utility disconnections. Utility disconnections make it very difficult for students to use different resources, such as electricity for computers, water to maintain good hygiene and enjoy a healthy meal, or having a comfortable and well-lit study environment.

More than half of the households supported by Dollar Energy Fund have children under the age of 18. By donating to Dollar Energy Fund during this academic school year, you have the opportunity to assist parents and students who have had their utility services shut off. Visit our website today and you can help assist a family facing a financial hardship.

Sources: American Psychological Association; Eric Jensen

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