About our 33rd Annual Luncheon Award Winners

September 15th, 2016


If you remember from our last post, we presented one Betty Ann Simon Memorial Award and three Golden Eagle Awards at our 33rd Annual Luncheon held on Friday, September 9, 2016. Beth Crow, a member of Dollar Energy Fund’s Board of Directors, had the pleasure of announcing the winners at this year’s event. These awards are granted each year to individuals or organizations that have worked to bring Dollar Energy Fund’s mission to life. These people or groups care deeply about the limited-income community we serve and spent countless hours promoting their welfare and striving for their benefit. This year’s winners included:

2016 Betty Ann Simon Memorial Award Winner: Patricia Trainer

Patty Trainer was the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania. She started her journey at Goodwill in October of 1986 and will retire this month after 30 years of service to the limited-income community.

Through her leadership role at Goodwill, the organization was recognized with numerous awards throughout the years for its involvement in promoting diversity and second chances in the workplace and community.

Patty also served as a member on the Board of Directors for Dollar Energy Fund longer than any other Board Member in the history of the organization, including her time as president and past president of the board from 2007 to 2013.

She continues to support Dollar Energy Fund’s events through generous donations to the Cool Down for Warmth fundraiser held every winter.

Dollar Energy Fund CEO Chad Quinn presents Patty Trainer with the 2016 Betty Ann Simon Award. Her daughters accepted the award on her behalf.
Dollar Energy Fund’s CEO Chad Quinn presents the 2016 Betty Ann Simon Memorial Award to Patty Trainer. Her daughters accepted the award on her behalf.

2016 Golden Eagle Award Winners

Jennifer Schlosser, Service Coordinator at North Hills Community Outreach, Millvale office | “Jennifer has unlimited patience and empathy for clients who are at the end of their rope, and her sense of humor and tenacity have carried her and her clients through many difficult days. She takes the time to meet with them and really listens to their concerns. Jen shows up every day ready to help those who have been beaten down by life, those who sometimes feel they have little to live for and no one who cares. Jen consistently proves them wrong. She is patient. She listens more than she speaks. Most importantly, she offers solutions.”

Chad Quinn presents a 2016 Golden Eagle Award to Jennifer Schlosser.

The Breathing Association, agency partner for the Neighbor to Neighbor Utility Assistance Program. | “The Breathing Association continues to provide a wide range of services to the central Ohio community ranging from basic health care needs to connecting individuals in need with services such as utility assistance, asthma assistance, smoking cessation services, etc. to improve the quality of life for central Ohio residents. They have processed 465 utility assistance applications between December 1, 2015 and August 19, 2016. Most of their clients are medically vulnerable; elderly, disabled, or have young children in the household, or living with a chronic disease. They are diverse by race, ethnicity and gender. The use of the Neighbor to Neighbor program increases the stability of these households. Due to changes in the HEAP Summer Crisis Program they have experienced an increase in the number of customers seeking relief. N2N has been a strategic tool in alleviating this crisis.”

Heartland Restaurant Group/Dunkin’ Donuts, sponsor of Dollar Energy Fund events. | “The Pittsburgh area Dunkin’ Donuts has soared above and beyond to assist Dollar Energy Fund’s limited-income clients and neighbors in need by offering crucial funds and support during fundraisers. During the 2016 Cool Down for Warmth, the company handed out coupons, sponsored construction of the Selfie Wall of Ice, and most importantly, made the first official donation to the fundraiser.”

Chad Quinn presents a 2016 Golden Eagle Award to Dunkin’ Donuts. Mike Zappone, Marketing Manager for Dunkin’ Donuts/Heartland Restaurant Group, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

Do you recognize these qualities and efforts in anyone you know? Nominate them for next year! We are going to be collecting award nominations all year for our 34th Annual Luncheon in 2017. Click on the nomination forms below to find out more information and nominate someone today!

2017 Betty Ann Simon Memorial Award Nomination Form

2017 Golden Eagle Award Nomination Form

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