Grant Applications Now Being Accepted for 2017-2018 Program Year

October 2nd, 2017

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Dollar Energy Fund opened its 2017-2018 utility assistance program year today and is currently accepting applications from households of most of its utility partners who are in need of help with their gas, water and electric bills.

Dollar Energy Fund’s Hardship Program provides one-time grants to eligible, limited-income households facing an immediate utility crisis. With help from the program, families in need can receive up to $500 in grant funding that’s applied directly to their utility account to prevent a termination or restore their service. Households may be eligible for one grant for each of their utilities per program year.

“Our program is often a fund of last resort for many since our grants can provide relief to those who may not qualify for state and federal assistance programs,” said Chad Quinn, Dollar Energy Fund’s Chief Executive Officer. “Despite efforts to make ends meet through employment and savings, many still struggle to afford basic gas, water and electric services, especially when an unexpected financial change, such as a job loss, medical issue or cost of a necessary home repair, puts added stress on their situation. Dollar Energy Fund is available to help those who need a little help to avoid a financial crisis and utility termination.”

Those seeking help should first contact their utility company for eligibility screening and to be referred to a community based agency for assistance with Dollar Energy Fund’s application process. This approach puts at-risk families in touch with additional services—such as food, childcare and career assistance—that may be available to limited-income households.

Grant funding applications are currently being accepted for customers of the following utilities:




  • California Water Service Company


  • South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority


  • Kentucky American Water




  • Columbia Gas of Maryland


  • Citizens Electric
  • Clairton Municipal Authority
  • Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania
  • Duquesne Light
  • Met-Ed – A FirstEnergy Company
  • Penelec – A FirstEnergy Company
  • Penn Power – A FirstEnergy Company
  • Pennsylvania American Water
  • Peoples Natural Gas
  • Peoples Gas Company LLC (formerly Peoples TWP)
  • Valley Energy
  • Wellsboro Electric
  • West Penn Power – A FirstEnergy Company




  • Columbia Gas of Virginia
  • Old Dominion Power Company
  • Virginia American Water

West Virginia:

  • Dominion Hope
  • Mon Power – A FirstEnergy Company
  • Mountaineer Gas
  • Peoples
  • Potomac Edison – A FirstEnergy Company
  • West Virginia American Water

On December 1, assistance programs will open for customers of AEP Ohio and Appalachian Power in West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee.

Dollar Energy Fund’s nationwide network of Community Based Organizations is now taking applications from limited-income customers. Applications for most programs will continue to be accepted through September 28, 2018, or until funds are depleted.

Eligibility guidelines vary by utility. Full eligibility guidelines and application instructions can be found at

The organization, which will celebrate 35 years of offering utility assistance, is a national leader in utility assistance. Since 1983, Dollar Energy Fund’s hardship grants have helped more than 512,000 families maintain or restore safe utility services.

Dollar Energy Fund is funded by public contributions that are matched dollar for dollar by partnering utility companies. Utility customers are also able to contribute a dollar or more to Dollar Energy Fund through their monthly utility bill. Direct donations can be made online at, by sending a check to Box 42329, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, or by texting WARM to 50555 to authorize a $5 contribution. Every donation to Dollar Energy Fund’s Hardship Program is tax deductible and all funds will stay within the area of the donor to assist limited-income neighbors.

“Thanks to the generosity of our utility partners who match every donation we receive, every dollar donated has double the impact towards helping those in need,” Quinn said. “Through our program, we are able to direct 100 percent of all funds back into the community and provide assistance to the most vulnerable individuals, families and senior citizens.”

For more information about Dollar Energy Fund and how to apply for a grant from the Hardship Program or donate to the organization, visit

About Dollar Energy Fund, Inc.

Dollar Energy Fund was founded in 1983 and has grown to become the largest hardship fund in Pennsylvania and one of the largest in the United States. Dollar Energy Fund is a 501 (c) 3 organization in the state of Pennsylvania. Since 1983, the organization has provided $142 million in utility assistance grants to more than 512,000 limited-income families and individuals. The organization also assists limited-income households in West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, California and Connecticut. Individuals interested in contributing to Dollar Energy Fund can do so through their utility bills, by sending donations directly to Box 42329, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 or through the organization’s website. Additional information can be found on Dollar Energy Fund’s website,

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