Happy Mother’s Day from Dollar Energy Fund

May 8th, 2015

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We have approximately 100 employees at Dollar Energy Fund, which means that, collectively, we have a whole lot of mothers to appreciate today. We asked our employees about the greatest lessons their mothers ever taught them. Needless to say, there’s a lot of good advice and great memories in the Dollar Energy Fund office today.

“There isn’t just one great lesson my mom taught me, but many.  She taught me resilience, humility, independence and self-worth. When my dad died suddenly when he was only 36, my mom was left to raise my two brothers and I by herself.  Not only did she maintain our home, the pool and all our pets, she also made sure we graduated from catholic schools, and we all went to college.  And all this on a teacher’s salary. She made it a point to teach us that no matter what we decided to do in our life, don’t make the choice of what makes you rich, but what makes you happy.” Yvette Myrick, Staff Accountant

“Always, always wear sunscreen.” Samantha McClintock, Communication Specialist

“My mom taught me to always be responsible and nurturing. She believed that the women in the household controlled whether there was harmony in the family unit. She never thought that women should settle for less and that they should be responsible for their own destiny. Because of this I’ve  been happily married for 32 years, always independent and per my grown boys– extremely nurturing.” Susan Cavill, Customer Service Representative 

“It will get better before you get married.” Cindy McQuaide, Director of Programs, Greensburg

Do you have any great lessons or lasting memories from the woman who raised you? Tell her today!

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